We design, manufacture and install the finishing line for pipes and plastic pipes.

We design and manufacture general engineering works for whole factory including, looper, pipe mill with finishing line.


Actual supply records

Size production volume contents
18″,350 18万/Y 1) Assistance of purchasing device and equipment
2) Supplied facing machine
30万/Y 1) Designing of total arrangement
2) Drawings for whole transfer arrangement
3) Supplied facing machine, painting machine, bundling machine
 150~400 18万/Y  1) Assistance of purchasing device and equipment
2) Control of working progress
3) Supplied bead flusher, painting machine, bundling machine, transfer device

We have many actual results except the above.


Facing machine

B 面取機m.jpg

Hydraulic pipe tester

G 水圧機m.jpg

Transfer device

E 搬送設備m.jpg

Stacking machine

F 段積機.JPG